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Mad Season
Write your soul down word for word
I disappear again then come back begging for help - I'm terrible, sorry!!

If you're on kayim's flist you'll have seen this already, so feel free to ignore! We're trying to get super-organised this year, spending 12 months researching before we have to look at parting with hard earned cash, so I'm hoping that some of you peeps can assist with experience or ideas.

Some of you probably know, but kayim and I are planning a month-long trip across the US for our 40th birthdays. Some of the places I've been to already, so I have an idea of what to expect and where to be looking for places to stay, but some of these places are just points on a map and I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to which neighbourhoods to aim for.

Below is a list of the places we'll be, and whether we have a car or not. What we could really do with is some advice on places for us to stay. Obviously we need cheap, but we want hotels/motels rather than hostels or anything like that. Places where we don't have a car, we need to be in the city centre/more touristy spots (if they have them - working on experience I know a lot of places outside of NYC do not really have defined central hubs), as we'll be travelling by public transport.

June 2015
Flying into Boston airport. No car. Couple of days in Boston.
Train from Boston to New York City. Couple of days in NY.
Train from New York City to Washington DC. Couple of days in DC.
Flight to Nashville. Couple of days in Nashville.
Hiring a car to get us from Nashville to Graceland to Memphis. Couple of days around here.
Flight from Nashville to New Orleans. Couple of days in New Orleans.
Flight from New Orleans to Santa Fe. Overnight in Santa Fe.
Driving from Santa Fe to Durango. Overnight in Durango.
Driving from Durango to Cedar City (where we have an offer of a floor)
Driving from Cedar City to Las Vegas (where hotels won't be an issue really)
Driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Couple of days in LA.
Driving from Los Angeles to San Diego for SDCC!
Flight from San Diego to Dallas. Overnight in Dallas.
Flight from Dallas to Chicago. Overnight in Chicago.
Overnight train from Chicago to Buffalo (For Niagara).
Train from Buffalo to Boston. Overnight in Boston.
Flight home from Boston.

So, any advice for places to stay, or where to look out for things to do? Are buses better than trains? Any help or advice is very gratefully received! :)
3rd-May-2013 08:37 pm
Still haven't sorted my photos out yet, but I will get there this weekend hopefully, seeing as though it's a nice long weekend. Well, I say long, I guess three days is better than two, especially with how not good the working week has gone.

My favourite fic challenge is back after a too long break intoabar (same username at DW if anyone is interested). I struggled as always to decide what character and fandoms to go for. I did put myself up for X-Men: First Class, which I may live to regret but I've just been having too many bunnies of late, and someone forcing me to break my X-Men cherry might be the only way to tackle those bunnies. That said, I might not be given it, so that cherry popping may have to be done willingly.

 photo 214xlcn.png

To be honest, I'm glad the challenge is back because my writing has stalled badly of late. I'm blaming the holiday, the illness and being a bit manically busy. What with the new Trek movie then there may be Trek bunnies landing, or the inclination to start/finish the bunnies I already have. I'll take anything at the moment, even the Photoshop learning has trickled off. I hate being so meh creatively. Although smallfandomfest has opened up for prompts again too this week, just when I had a hankering for more Reaper/Riddick...
22nd-Apr-2013 07:17 pm - Greetings
Men_Karl_trek salute
Thought I better post to say I am still alive - just!!

Had a great holiday but managed to catch a sinus infection once I got back so have been suffering badly in what was a really busy time too - two trips to London, three concerts, among plenty of other things. I think I finally feel mostly normal now.

I still need to sort out some holiday photos if anyone is interested :) I hope the postcards have started to arrive, they seem to be taking their sweet time, but they were all posted (allegedly) by the staff on the boat. Highlights were definitely Pompei and Rome. I could have spent days just soaking up Pompei, it's a lot bigger than I was expecting. Rome is wonderfully compact for a city, it was great to be able to walk around and explore after being used to the hop-on-hop-off spread of London sites.

Saw James McAvoy in Macbeth (twice) and it was a great interpretation, very gritty and messy (taibhrigh - imagine The Lieutenant of Inishmore only with more blood, and yes, there was ass appreciation in this one too), but wonderfully acted by all, we also had Stephen Fry in the audience for one of them. Alas I didn't stage door as I'm pretty sure the last thing James needed was my germs.

Matchbox Twenty were their usual awesome selves. Very energetic, with a great set, and all the power and emotion they can bring. I can't wait for them to come back again!!

The Star Trek premieres are off and running, although I think Karl is only doing the Sydney one unfortunately. Still Chris Pine is looking remarkably fine at the moment with the scruff, and with the first set of pics the two boys are showing how much chemistry they have with each other, now if only JJ et al would make the most of it ;) 17 days to go until I get to see it! Alas I decided to miss the midnight showing what with work the next day, but I do already have my ticket for the following day :)

I hope everyone is okay xx
12th-Mar-2013 06:28 pm
Karl Urban is going back to the future with J.J. Abrams again, this time on the small screen. Urban, who plays Bones in Abrams' "Star Trek" movie franchise, has snagged the lead in a Fox pilot being executive produced by Abrams. "Human," previously known as "Inhuman" and "Untitled Bad Robot/J.H. Wyman Project," is set in the near future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. Urban will play John Kennex, a respected police officer who has shut down emotionally after a severe injury.

..."The logline says its an action-packed buddy cop show, set in the near future." source

He really needs to stop playing characters I want to write and crossover with everything. Although kayim might be with me on the crossovers considering the "highly evolved human-like android" is Michael Ealy :)

I shall take this nice imagery on holiday with me. 'See' you all in two weeks!!
9th-Mar-2013 07:12 pm
New Trek teaser trailer that has Bones and Scotty in it \o/

"I hate this!"

"I know you do."

That would be my boys :)

5th-Mar-2013 07:37 pm - Impromptu Fic Challenge
I joined 1_million_words in an attempt to write more, certainly more than I did last year at any rate, so far I'm not doing too badly :)

One of the challenges was the Mix Tape Challenge! It sounded like fun, even if 100 words quite often takes me hours let alone the four (or so) minutes for a song to begin and end, but it's kind of freeing to know you have to stop. It was fun, I think I could have carried on!!

The Rules

* Choose a fandom and/or pairing. Could be multi fandom, crossover, muli-pairings, various ratings. But set yourself a goal as guidelines, as specific or non specific as you like.

* Turn on your music player (itunes, spotify, media player) and set to play random tracks. (or dig out that mix tape you made all those years ago, dig out your walkman and party like it's 1989....no? just me then :p)

* Write a fic for the first ten songs that play. The rule is to write as each song plays, letting it inspire your words and give direction. As soon as the song finished, stop writing and begin another fic with the next song. It may turn out all your fics are connected to one another, but try to make them individual to the song that is currently playing.

* You can *cheat* but only twice if a song doesn't appeal. The challenge is to write even with a song that challenges your inspiration. *Try* not to cheat more than twice, you are your own referee.

Under the cut is very raw mixed bag of fandoms, including Avengers, Skyfall, Lost, Magnificent Seven, Hawaii Five-0 and Star Trek. I think I have firmly proven with these what I suspected for a while, that Mag7 is my default fandom :)

In which I wish I was better at flash fics...Collapse )
My quick movie reviews of the last month:
Bullet To The Head - Momoa was hot, everything else was meh
Last Stand - Dull start, Arnie was a bit cringeworthy, funnier than it should have been I think
Warm Bodies - my kind of cute
Cloud Atlas - damn you making me spend the first half of the movie going WTF why am I sitting here, and double damn for then giving me feels!!!!!!! *sniff*

Went to see Train last night - always great in concert and the room was buzzing, if not freezing cold! I still have two Matchbox Twenty concerts and Maroon 5 to go! It's a good year for music!!

Work is still stressing, but I rambled on to my line manager and while I think he's as frustrated as I am, at least I know I'm wanted where I am.

On the up side, holiday is now booked for 3 weeks time, so volcanoes, Roman and Greek ruins and sun! I will put up a postcard post, but I don't want to do that until I've written out the ones I owe from the last holiday - I am so sorry, this weekend I promise!!!
10th-Feb-2013 09:28 pm
I don't often watch the BAFTA's, but there is some pretty there today... I'm sure kayim appreciates a bit of Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, a nice bit of Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper goes down well too. Go Helen Mirren for the pink hair :)

Didn't think Skyfall would win Best British film, but I ♥ Judi Dench's happy reaction. Mind you I just ♥ Judi Dench... and Skyfall for that matter.

... I hope no-one has problems with BAFTA spoilers...
Men_Karl_kiss kiss bang bang
Part of my New Year's Resolutions is learning how to use Photoshop properly... which primarily means finding out where everything is in the menus first, but we're getting there. Every so often I buy a magazine which has tutorials in it, I flick through it then put it down. I'm not allowing myself to buy any more until I've worked through at least one of the three mags I have, so starting this week we have the first of the tutorials (although I am allowing myself some creative licence). I'm hoping that when I look back in January 2014 I'll notice the difference with my original pieces!

Who knew what an alleyway, a tunnel and some clouds could produce...Collapse )
1st-Jan-2013 12:10 am - Happy New Year
We've tipped over into 2013 here, so I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!! May everyone's 2013 be better than 2012.

25th-Dec-2012 11:17 am - Happy Holidays!
Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, or just a Happy Tuesday is the season isn't your thing!

I hope you all have a great time!!

26th-Oct-2012 08:52 pm
Men_Karl_kiss kiss bang bang
So... James Bond/Skyfall

Slashiest movie since MI:4.

Internet, I would like James Bond/William Brandt fic now, please and thank you.

I'm not keen on it as a Bond movie, but as a stand alone, it's worth seeing! :)
24th-Oct-2012 05:55 pm
Today's Office Conversations:

M: That's a nasty ring you have there, do you want some lube?

M: I'm taking my lube home today, I had some problems yesterday.
Me: Were things a little stiff?
M: Yes, and creaking.
Me: There shouldn't be creaking, you're doing it wrong.

Disappeared to Destination Star Trek in London at the weekend! Five TV Captains (alas no Movie Captain!), but William Shatner and Patrick Stewart were epic! And my current James McAvoy obsession got a nod when Patrick got asked about who he'd like to see play him in a Trek Reboot of TNG. He says he's looking forward to James getting his head shaved for X-Men, James has a lot of hair apparently :)

I need to get my arse (and fingers) into gear with my Halloween fics... it's not that long to 31st *panics*
16th-Oct-2012 08:01 pm
We do a lot of digging at work trying to prove people are lying, which means seeing some things you can't un-see, but some days you find a gem. I may have cried a little...

What do you say when someone asks what you"re laughing at... answers in comments please!Collapse )
1st-Oct-2012 09:03 pm
Choices, choices.

I have control of the remote for once... Speed or Bourne Identity?

Then again, last time I watched Bourne Identity I wrote 9000 words of an AU fic... do I need to finish that right now? Then again do I need to start a Speed-esque fic? *sigh*
1st-Oct-2012 08:55 pm - 100 Things - #69

Cookery programmes rather than cooking. I'm a useless cook, and I really can't be bothered taking ages cooking something. Nigella is a goddess. She's gorgeous, honest, and has absolutely no problem taking shortcuts by opening a can or using ready-made pastry, dried pasta or stock cubes. I have the Express cookbook, and will be getting her Italian cookbook too to add to the collection. She's one of the few women I would love to be! I also really like the Hairy Bikers, northern lads who make honest food.
25th-Sep-2012 09:22 pm
I know my friends across the pond get these, but finally Starbucks over here decided we could sample the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I have to say I'm rather dubious of pumpkin in drinks and sweets, I guess I think of it as a vegetable, so pumpkin pie as a dessert is a rather odd thing. So, it was with some trepidation that I gave it a go. I guess they sweeten it up, but it wasn't bad... although I'm still averse to having spices in my drinks. It may take some getting used to.

On the other hand, with wind and rain we're having the red cups would be welcome... although I will admit that I prefer the Amaretto and Creme Brulee Lattes Costa and Caffe Nero offer. Roll on red cup season!! Oh, and maybe some dry weather...
21st-Sep-2012 07:57 pm
Rob Shadow
The Matchbox Twenty concert on Tuesday was awesome!!!! There was such a party atmosphere and the boys were on top form, so much fun! I really can't wait until they do their full tour next year (hopefully), and I'll definitely be going to more than one date when they do come back.

Work, not so great and maybe a little stressful at the moment with being pulled in so many directions by the managers, not to mention my immediate boss screwing up so badly with information security that it could put someone's life at risk *sigh* One day off I had, and that happens!!!

I think I've finally worked out what I want from Tumblr, and so I'm testing the waters at the moment. I might end up binning it off, but I shall see where I get to with it.

My Halloween ficlet post is proving interesting, including some repeat prompts which will be a challenge to make different :)

Looking forward to my week hosting at jim_and_bones from Monday, it doesn't seem that long since I last had a go, but I do love it!

I've also taken over at karl_stillness which is a Karl icon comm. I had been participating pretty regularly and enjoying trying out my not-so-wide skill-set. The last mod was having a few technical difficulties and I didn't want the comm to suffer. So instead of testing my icon making, I'm going to be attempting to make some (hopefully) adequate banners instead.
16th-Sep-2012 10:19 pm
I decided to not sign up for spook_me, mostly because I couldn't decide what to go with, so instead I thought I'd open things up a little here. I pledge to write at least 100 words for each prompt you leave me, to be posted on 31st October in one big batch. Everything is set to private/screened so hopefully there will be a few surprises. So if you would like to leave me something to try, please pick one fandom and one beast(chosen according to the most popular appearances on a number of top 10 lists).

If you're struggling to choose, then feel free to leave another option in comments, although I'll probably only do one of your prompts unless I find extra time or muse :) And if you can think of a fandom I know that isn't listed below, I promise to at try my best to deliver, just leave me a comment.

My aim is to be creepy and (hopefully) scary, although I'm not ruling out crack at this stage - you have been warned!!!

Poll #1866550 Halloween Drabbles / Ficlets
This poll is closed.


Chronicles of Riddick
Hawaii Five-0
Magnificent Seven
Star Trek

Scary Entity

Black Dog
Grim Reaper
Humanoids - Bigfoot / Wendigo
15th-Sep-2012 08:22 pm
Men_Karl_kiss kiss bang bang
Thinks very naughty nice! thoughts.


Thinks very plotty thoughts.

(Click for bigger)
13th-Sep-2012 10:03 pm
I'll just be sitting and staring for a while...

(Click for bigger)
10th-Sep-2012 09:31 pm - 100 Things - #70

Alas my car has gone into the garage today to get it's rear end fixed. They left me with a stupid little Corsa that I think would go quicker if I pushed it. So to cheer me up I'm posting a pic of my ideal car... well, I'd probably opt for a convertible version if I lived somewhere nice and warm, and not the rather rainy grey that the pic above shows - not that Scotland isn't stunning even when it's rainy and grey!

I've been reading fic in old fandoms. I don't know why, maybe because I cleared out my Yahoo inbox that was full of old Yahoo Group digests, and that made me want to read some Pros, Mag7 and Tour of Duty. I felt all nostalgic and realised what awesome writers those fandoms have.

I really want to write something for spook_me, I just can't decide what. It's a no stress, no min or max word limit multi-fandom meme. With reading Mag7 fic I kind of want to pick up on a Halloween fic I wrote years ago that was a one shot, and add another piece to it. I'm just not sure where I want it to go. On the other hand I also really want to write a full-on scary ghost story, only I have no idea what fandom! Then one of the creature prompts is dinosaurs, and that's just a whole other playground! Choices, choices. I'm pimping it below if anyone is curious... or if anyone wants to make my mind up for me!!

7th-Sep-2012 10:32 pm
Men_Karl_Dredd pose
So, Dredd.

F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

The 3D in this is done so well too, so those wondering if the 3D is worth it - yes, it is! And this is from someone who isn't all that keen on it :)
31st-Aug-2012 09:54 pm - 100 Things - #71

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere they say, and as it's Friday and weekend time... I'm not a big drinker, but I have found myself with a new drink of choice! Most of the time I skip the Triple Sec and just go for JD and Lemonade, which is much fresher than with coke and gets rid of the slight caffeine intolerance I have! :)
30th-Aug-2012 09:42 pm
Courtesy of taibhrigh and the man himself through the 2000AD Twitter page, I have a new icon :) Apparently this is what Karl would put on a t-shirt :) I ♥ his geeky self!!

Quick update:
i. Had an awesome weekend with the girls, there was much movie watching, and alas all attempts to get me into Teen Wolf failed. The following were the salient points...
- Voodoo Academy is spectacularly bad and 80% of it is half-nekkid boys touching themselves. I seriously have no idea if there was a plot or not.
- Jeremy Renner has a rather nice rear.
- After 4 viewings, apparently 'short shorts' is the only thing anyone can remember about The Covenant.
- Psycho Beach Party is the perfect inductee movie.

ii. Expendables is epic. It made me want to go watch 80's action movies non-stop! I wonder what I can find in my DVD rental list...

iii. I enjoyed Total Recall more than I thought I would after some of the comments I've read. And no matter how much I don't want to acknowledge it, Colin Farrell does have appeal on occasion.
22nd-Aug-2012 09:40 pm - 100 Things - #72
I am currently having the week from hell and it's only three days in *sigh* Things come in threes they say... make that multiples of threes. May I make I suggestion - don't come near me until I'm sure I'm cured!

i. Burn arm quite linearly on the oven, complete with blisters, although they rather ruin the symmetry.
ii. Internet connection goes down at work, everyone gets a half day, I get sent home with a laptop to work on and end up doing more than I would have if I was in the office.
iii. Computer cabinet at work shreds the other arm.
iv. Internet connection goes down again... only on my PC.
v. Someone decides to rear-end my car at a roundabout.
vi. Despite copious use of capslock my instructions to not invoice a client get ignored.
vii. Broke a nail.
viii. Got a papercut
ix. Didn't win the lottery... oh wait, nothing new there.

And not a point but a reason why I wish it was Friday - every casefile I pick up has a problem, or a lost piece of paperwork, or idiotic mistakes, or the boss can't actually complete a file properly to save his life and I have to grovel to the client and re-do things, or cases are far more complex than they should be and out of the corner of my eye the to-do pile is creeping steadily higher.


But haldoor sent me very scrummy chocolate from New Zealand, along with some awesome touristy keepsakes. Thanks again hun!!! She also sent me awesome fics to beta and a little awesome something just for me!! The Trek fic I'm writing, although stalled, is actually one I like for a change! And I get to have a long three-day weekend, most of it spent with awesome people I can fangirl with and watch incredibly bad movies with! As long as I can survive the next two days...

In a bid to make today better... 100 Things that make me happy... I was going to save it to the top ten, but if there ever was a day it was required. Thank you Mr Cadbury.

18th-Aug-2012 04:14 pm - 100 Things - #73

Air con... it's been a muggy week here, not hot as such just humid and bleurgh. Air con is a wonderful thing! I remember being in the Bahamas and wandering in and out of shops I wouldn't have necessarily gone in just to take advantage of the air con :)

Failed miserably to get much of anything done this week, other than the hairdressers and a viewing of the Bourne Legacy, which was pretty awesome, although the ending came a bit suddenly for me, I thought it had quite a bit more left, which I suppose bodes well for sequels!

We had awesome trailers too - Dredd being one, and I may have been a little giddy. I'm off to see Expendables 2 next week, which was also advertised. Yes I know it'll be crap but it has Jason Statham (even if I find his grinning and laughing a little odd) as well as all those action heroes from my childhood. Violent escapism at it's finest :) There was also a trailer for Total Recall which I have a preview ticket for in a couple of weeks - we're getting it a lot later than the US by the sounds of things.

Biggest awesome of the week - I have tickets for Matchbox Twenty in September!!! They are doing a one off concert in London which sold out the day it went on sale. CAN NOT WAIT!!! It's been far too long.
9th-Aug-2012 10:38 pm - 100 Things - #74

Travel/Holidays, I have a huge list of places I want to see, and things I want to experience. I've ticked off a lot of countries already, all continents except Antarctica and my list gets longer! I know I'll never manage to cross everything off, and there are too many places I want to go back to, yet with the exception of the plane journeys, I've always managed to take something awesome home from every place I've been. Now, if I could just win the lottery so I can tick a few more off... and go First Class ;)
8th-Aug-2012 07:18 pm
Geology humour... got to love it. We have dirty minds... usually dirty everything from crawling around in the mud looking for specimens, but whatever. I know this won't make too much sense to a lot of people but I'm posting so I have it somewhere!

7th-Aug-2012 10:35 pm - 100 Things - #75

There's something magical about ancient architecture, how it was built so that the equinoxes are so perfectly timed so that once a year the sunlight brings solid stone to life. I regret not going to Chichen Itza when I had the chance, but it was a long bus journey and a very hot day and Tulum had an ocean to cool down in. But with the Spring equinox the sun hits and the serpent is lit above the shadow of the stepped outline of the edge of the pyramid. I will never get tired of these things! The mysteries surrounding the intelligence and scientific/engineering capabilities of ancient civilisations is one of the things I love most.
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